About Me



I launched my website when I was studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management at TU Dublin in 2023. I have extensive experience in various sectors ranging from client coordination, project management, retail, telecommunication, consulting, and much more.

While skimming through my website, you may have wondered how an individual from this industry made a website and what its purpose was. Well, everything has a purpose, and so has my website. One day in Dublin, while sipping on my coffee, an idea struck me: why not establish a website where I can share the expertise and wisdom I have acquired over the years and polish the website as I continue to experience life?

This idea captivated me, and here I am with my website, sharing my life, educational, and professional experiences with people all over the world, allowing them to gain insights into what it is like to be an international student working his way into building a successful life with the help of loved ones, believing in yourself, and facing the problems with a confident mindset—basically everything that is important to survival.

A quick overview of where you can find the stuff that interests you: In blogs, I write down my thoughts and reviews about specific case studies that are currently happening in the supply chain world: In the learning material and presentations, I share all of the knowledge gained through my MSc in logistics and Supply Chain Management and professional development; and in the gallery, I share all the daily adventures that I will be taking as I like exploring new things.

Why am I the right fit?

My natural curiosity and openness to innovative approaches drive my passion for continuous improvement and adaptability in this dynamic industry. With a diligent and disciplined nature, I am committed to delivering quality work that is highly valued in supply chain and logistics. Thriving in collaborative environments, I excel in organizing team events and facilitating group discussions, showcasing my strength in teamwork. 

Confidence in my perspective allows me to effectively communicate and negotiate with stakeholders, contributing to decision-making and problem-solving. Empathy and emotional awareness enable me to understand and address the needs of team members and stakeholders, fostering strong relationships and effective communication. Being adaptable and having stress management skills make me comfortable in the limelight, and adept at managing multiple tasks, deadlines, and unexpected challenges. My balanced problem-solving approach combines innovation with established solutions, ensuring effective decision-making and long-term effectiveness. 

Being results-oriented and goal-driven, I am dedicated to achieving success in supply chain and logistics by adhering to clear structures and focusing on long-term objectives. Engaging with people comes naturally to me, as I enjoy lively discussions and possess enthusiasm and stamina. Effective communication and relationship-building are crucial skills in supply chain and logistics, which I excel at. Managing relationships and maintaining emotional stability are my strengths, allowing me to navigate problem-solving and pressure with a mature and streetwise perspective. In summary, my qualities of curiosity, diligence, collaboration, advocacy, empathy, adaptability, problem-solving skills, results orientation, people engagement, and relationship management make me the ideal candidate for supply chain jobs.

My Values


I consistently prioritize doing what is right and upholding honesty in my work and interactions with colleagues. Adhering to the highest ethical standards is a source of pride for me.


Driven by dedication, I work hard and relentlessly pursue my goals. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, I continuously challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.


Approaching every task with enthusiasm and a strong desire to make a positive impact. The passion I have for supply chain management acts as a driving force, especially during moments when I need an extra boost of energy.


By actively seeking to build strong partnerships, I acknowledge that collaborative efforts are essential for achieving success. Valuing relationships grounded in trust and mutual respect; I prioritize their role in fostering positive outcomes.


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